Too early?

Rob Summers to WVU?:yum:


You can’t make this stuff up.

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If true, it further validates the points made here and elsewhere that, in a low pay scale environment, the good people are always working with one eye on the exit and will be ripe for the plucking.
Miami needs to offer salaries to assistants that “encourages” them to say no, or make it a hell of a lot harder to say yes when someone dangles an enticing cash bid to leave. Granted, cash isn’t the only enticement but it is one that should be addressed. If the Summers comment above is true, what happens to Miami’s development program of our “bigs?”

Much as I like Rob, I hardly think he will be a candidate at this stage of his career. If Huggins goes, they will want a marquee name.

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It’s not true, it’s a joke because Summers played for WVU…

Bow Tie Boy hitting Chuggy Bear with a $1 million fine.

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Gordon Gee gets my nod for the worst college president ever!

Seems like things are coming full circle. From Gee’s Wikipedia page:

“Gee stepped down from the Ohio State presidency on July 1, 2013, in response to a series of controversies relating to comments he made, the last of which involved anti-Catholic comments allegedly made in jest about the University of Notre Dame.”

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Three games off. That will teach him!

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Yep. Have no idea how he survives. What Huggins said on 50k watt WLW would have gotten him fired at most universities. This wasn’t just something that someone overheard him saying to a golfing buddy.

Pretty sure that Bob Huggins could straight up murder someone and the reaction in Cincinnati would be “That’s just Bob being Bob! Leave him alone!”.

(This also applies to Pete Rose.)


No one under the age of 70 that doesn’t live on the west side of Cincinnati cares about Pete Rose. That guys star faded a long time ago.

I think the same can be said about Huggins. His friends and alumni over 50 still love him but outside of that it’s been 18 years and no one else cares. If you drew a Venn diagram of Pete and Huggins supporters with WLW listeners it would probably be a perfect circle.

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“ Almost heaven…”