Tom Reed

Looks like some somber news in Miami football community…

Skins66, maybe you knew Tom?

Wow. RIP.

He was always a nice interview. Said stuff like "Take a seat Ed’ and “Ask whatever you want.”

Three of his five years at Miami were pretty good.

Definitely consistent while at NC State.

Just remembered…He coached the 7-3 win at North Carolina when WR Don Treadwell THREW a TD pass to Mark Mattison.


I may be way off here, but I thought I remembered on the opening kickoff of his first home game he ran a trick play where the returner ran up behind the wedge and slipped the ball to one of the blockers, who ran untouched for a td. Thought it was a good way to introduce yourself.

Great guy. Walked to and from class with him some days. Interesting conversations.

I think I remember that. Against William and Mary?


Reed was the Head Coach when I came to Miami in 1980 . Rose took over my senior year.

first home game was CMU in '78… a game that Miami lost

the William & Mary game was in '81 and played in Williamsburg

Played another game against W&M the next year in Oxford. Same result. I think the first one was Miami’s last visit to an FCS - then 1AA - school. I saw both games.

Think Miami returned the opening kick off for a TD in 1982 but game I am thinking of was held in old Miami Field. . Maybe I have the year wrong?

Yes, in 1982 we were still playing at Old Miami Field…I came back from Denver to see the BG game at homecoming.

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Last game at Miami Field was in Nov 1982 - a 23-0 win over CMU. Opened Yager in on October 1, 1983. First home game was a 20-18 loss to Western.

It’s now our 41st season in the “new” stadium. Seems incredible!

Rest in Peace, Tom. He was the football coach my junior and senior years at Miami.

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Just to clarify, Tom Reed passed away last year. He is, of course, still missed.

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HC my first 3 years at MIAMI