Toledo lands four star QB

It says he visited Miami. Ranked as the #13 QB prospect in the nation. From Indy.

Wow - good pickup for UT! Nice to see the MAC getting players like this with the current terrible NIL mess.

Toledo has a coach named Weiner.

I thought you had to play in front of sell out crowds to get on NFL scouts radar unless that’s no…could it be…horseshit?

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So much can change between now and then. I’m willing to bet he never enrolls at Toledo.


This kid will never enroll at Toledo, either because he gets stolen by a “big boy” or because Candle leaves for a bigger job and takes this kid with him.

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The word “commitment” definitely no longer has its traditional meaning.


I take him at his word that he doesn’t intend to go back on his pledge. But he’s also like 15.


He and I are similar in that regard. I made a pledge to a friend to watch The Greasy Strangler and though it was equal parts amazing and revolting, I watched that thing all the way through so none of you would have to. You’re welcome!

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Landing this kid tells the P4 (or whatever they will be called next year) that the Candle-Polston “package” will be wrapped and ready for a large daily double salary and NIL deal…this will be Candle’s last year at Toledo and Polston will basically have Candle working on his behalf to deliver this duo to the promised land.

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Ha Toledo thinks this kid will spend even one hour on their campus as a student.

That’s funny.

Not all is as it appears. There will be a book and this kid will have a chapter.

Be nice if Miami got a 4 star QB

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We were the only other G5 team on his list.

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You might want to proactively revise the subject of this thread to “Formerly 4-Star Ranked QB” as he’ll promptly be revised down to 3-Star or 2-Star QB simply for committing to Toledo/G5 regardless of his actual talent as the rating services won’t stand for that!


Sad but true.

24/7 does not have him rated that high and does not show as many P5 offers. Still, I assume he’s good. I hope he is.The conference needs quality OOC wins in order to raise the level of all the teams.


I am a die-hard UT fan and I have my doubts as to whether he will ever arrive at UT. I suspect he will package with HC Candle and his OC/QB coach Robert Wiener and head to the next “greener pasture” wherever that is. He’ll stay loyal to his commitment but it will be to the coaches and not the university. I expect that to be the case. If JC does stay then I 50/50 expect Polston to sign with UT. Either way the odds are not that favorable for his final arrival at UT.

BTW - congrats on your MAC title last season.

This is a nice site.

Go Rockets!


I just like all the pundits who say you can’t get drafted at a MAC school or whatever the nonsense and then MAC school players go every year. Hope this guy ends up in The Glass City. Would be good for all who root for our conference.