Toledo at Michigan tonight

NIT 7:00 ESPN2…It won’t let me post without at least 20 characters.

I’m sure you could find 20 characters around these parts.


90-80 Michigan. Michigan made 13 3s. The more talented Howard son didn’t play and Joey Baker responded with 21 for UM. Michigan 3-1 when Jett Howard doesn’t play, 5-1, when he doesn’t finish. 13-14 with him.

Toledo played a pretty typical game, except for Maddox not doing anything offensively. Defensively, they forced 14 turnovers, but Michigan shot almost 60% from the floor.

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Michigan is a better team with Baker as opposed to Howard. Proved that tonight and durning other games Jett missed. The ball stops moving when it hits Jett’s hands. The frustration look on Hunter D’s face has been evident at times when Jett makes the O stall out.

And UT having to use the much smaller Shumate on Hunter D, caused problems and opened up wide up threes as UT often was having to double team Hunter D. Not having a true PF hurt UT in this game. Shumate could not handle Hunter D. To be honest, it was something I was keying on during the game given the recent debate on this board that 4’s like Shumate were sufficient.

I’m missing the thought process you’re taking here. If they had a 5, which they didn’t, they could’ve guarded HD 1:1 with their 5. Instead, they played Shumate at the 5, who’s a true 4, and he struggled defensively. Are you saying a true 4 (they also had Millner) would’ve doubled HD?

HD wasn’t the issue. 23/55 shots were from 3. Michigan won because they shot 57% from 3. HD had 1 assist.

So if your point is a MAC 4 can’t cover an NBA center, yes, I agree with you.