Todays line

Starting this week at 10.5. Was 9 yesterday. 8 today. Uh oh. Whats up I wonder

Gage now confirmed to be out causing the change in the line??

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The amount of money bet on each team is the most significant driver of the odds set by Vegas.

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Exactly. Gamblers are assuming a team that just beat an ACC school can’t lose by double digits to another MAC team.

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Agreed, and after watching BG dismantle Georgia Tech, this game has me very worried. I expect it to be close.

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Why didnt they think that Monday?

Because the odds move based on the flow of money.

The Miami student writer said 67% of the money is on Miami

Vegas boys look for a balance of bet money that allows them not to lose regardless. That was probably to much on Miami for them so they lowered the odds.

To all of those fools who bet on BG and brought down the line…