I am hoping for a nice crowd on Saturday but as of now there seems to be a lot of unsold seats on the website

Athletic dept needs to get students motivated to come.

I doubt the Athletic Department is going to run drink specials at the game like Beat The Clock, so the bars will once again be packed to the gills this Saturday.


Miami home fan support is a joke. Sad.

As of now there has been virtually no on-campus marketing presence to students. Some of us have tried to spread the word using #PackYager and pushing out graphics repurposed from the football Instagram but besides a single email from marketing there has been nothing (and what student actually listens to marketing email anyway). I don’t think marketing actually cares about student turnout and as long as they can claim “Well we sent an email! We tried!” Then they can say they made an effort. It’s disheartening to the few of us who truly care that our football team doesn’t even register for 95% of the student body and nobody is trying to change it.

Rant over. #PackYager


At least you got an email … We, faculty, received zero. Athletics is short-staffed, but it is still frustrating.


Something I’ve never understood about Miami, why do faculty not get discounted tickets? I’ve mentioned football in class so many times and my one prof always says (paraphrasing) “I’d go but not until staff get a discount.” It doesn’t make sense to me.


We have the faculty appreciation day once a season, when the tickets are free. But these tend to be in late October (football) or J-term (hockey). My 6-year old daughter (elementary school in Oxford) gets more free tickets and discounts than me :grinning:

Pathetic… sad to hear nothing has changed from the Brad Bates era when I was there

This is when it would be nice to get one word of mention in the Enquirer. A walk up crowd is still possible, just not sure how people find out about the game. Sad.

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NO excuse for this apathy. Why the crap Cincinnati Enquirer is not covering this team is awful,


@MiamiU1984 I called out fan apathy on the Toledo game thread this morning. Can’t believe Miami can’t garner more attention from media or alumni locally. In most states we would be a treasure!

Miami, unfortunately, remains a hidden treasure.

Just posted this in the Toledo game thread…

This just landed in my mail box…finally they’re trying really hard.

What an exciting start to the 2023 Miami Football season! We are excited about the final three home games at Yager Stadium while beginning to prepare for next season. Current season ticket holders are invited to place their deposits to lock in their spot at Yager Stadium for the 2024 season starting TODAY! For just a $25 deposit per ticket, you can make sure you are a part of every snap next season.

To help us pack Yager Stadium this weekend, any deposits placed before Friday, Oct. 20 at 12 p.m. ET will also receive up to four complimentary tickets for the Toledo game on Saturday to bring family, friends, neighbors, etc. to help cheer on the team!

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So, I got the above email and thought sure, I’ll put down my deposit and loan the department $50. When I click the link it takes me to the page to enter my deposit info, how many tickets at $25 each. When I click on “Add to Cart” up pops a screen “Delivery method invalid”. Ok, probably because I didn’t log in. So, I log into my ticket office account. But the deposit option is nowhere to be seen. Clicked everywhere on the page. Can’t find the page to make my ticket deposit.

Why do they make it so hard to be a Miami fan?

We wait until the offer free basketball tickets to renew our season tickets. I like basketball but don’t have anyone that would pay to attend a game with me.

Enquirer stopped covering MU for the same reason there is no student marketing – they have no budget. Also made easier by UC success and CFP. Gotta get MU coverage from Cox media, or maybe The Miami Student, fresh off their national run on the humanities story, can give some space.

We used to get very good coverage from the Hamilton Journal and the Dayton Daily News.

National coverage of MU may force local media, but we’d need to be the top G5 for that as well. Currently behind AFA, Tulane, JMU, and Liberty. 12-1 might be the only way.

I just checked Sagarin, and I’m sorry I did. It seems we’re behind nearly an entire mid-major poll of teams. regardless, I am enjoynig the season for sure. Keep on winning!

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