Thread to help the Athletic Department

I just made a post about how difficult it is to give Miami money outside of regular donations. While going through the website, I noticed a lot of frustrating user experiences that only added to that difficultly. I wanted to create a thread of issues, whether it be a lack of info, incorrect info, dead links, poor SEO, etc, that hopefully can help resolve some of these issues moving forward. It can also be used to give some additional revenue generation ideas. I’ll be posting a couple pretty quickly just from what I’ve seen today.

In software development, we use a pretty standard bug template to help reduce ambiguity and confusion. Feel free to use the template below if you feel it will help

**Short description:** 
**Steps taken:** 
**What actually happened:** 
**What I expected to happen:** 

Short description: Nobody can buy men’s basketball season tickets even though it’s a month and a half before the season starts

Steps taken:

  • Went to
  • Clicked on the “Tickets” icon in the header.
  • Clicked on men’s basketball.
  • Clicked on men’s basketball season tickets.

What actually happened: I was taken to this page where I received an error saying, “There are no events or items on sale at this time”

What I expected to happen: Be able to buy season tickets


Add to the GameDay Central page a Fan Experience Link. It should include a schedule of all game day events. Items to be included should be the times and locations of the Hawk Walk, band performances and activities for kids. The site should also include directions to the stadium for visitors. This might not be an all-inclusive list. Others might have more items for consideration.

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Update, after tweeting at David Sayler about it, Dave Meyer replied and got it resolved.

EDIT: has anyone actually gotten a response from Sayler lately?


Sounds like you just did! Ps, I’m proud of you for using your tech knowledge to make a positive difference. If the university actively listened to alumni experts across all disciplines instead of hiring outside consultants, they’d probably save money and have more actively engaged alumni. Nice work, Jive.

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I’ve spoken to so many alum who have experience in areas the AD needs, but they’ve pretty much been told to f off. One time they even brought in an outside consultant to supposedly listen to donors and their ideas, and the consultant spoke over them the whole time…

My other issue: not a single article written has a link to just give them money. How? We just beat UC, why not say, “keep the momentum going with a gift to Miami University athletics!”

Also, apparently the graduating champions campaign reached their goal years ago? Then why didn’t the department have a bigger celebration for raising $80mil?


This is a classic example! Miami typically makes it inconvenient to BUY
(Athletic tickets,etc.choose seats), but to make it extremely difficult to GIVE $$ is so absurd it HAS to be true.

Get the Farmer school of Business on the case asap?

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I would bet the collective expertise on this forum could help in a colossal way, but if you’ve got it all figured out as an institution, then maybe it’s a moot point.

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Ha ha I was at one of those sessions I think with your dad. It was a Tuesday or Wednesday night game

I remember they said we cant talk about winning - um ok

And then every good idea given wasnt what they wanted

It was classic consultant waste of time


Just to follow up, one of the points I said was frustrating was a lack of a call to action following the UC win. Donate, buy football tickets, buy basketball tickets (which you couldn’t do through the website anyway), anything! Well, before the WMU kickoff I received an email from someone involved in fundraising discussing my email and mentioning they’d be in my city a few weeks from now to chat. Also, immediately following the WMU win I received an email for a homecoming flash sale for the Toledo game. I felt that was a step in the right direction, so I wanted to recognize not just the problems, but also resolutions.


The wi fi is totally inadequate at The football stadium,Millet, and the parking. Zones.
Why is this important?
Going ticketless at all venues. And cashless for refreshments and swag.
Needs to be fixed before the homecoming game.


WiFi? Hell, I couldn’t get a cell phone reception.

"Gee Professor Fate, we tried to call you multiple times to let you know you won the $10 million draw. Guess it’ll go into the “Those That Will” fund.

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I was told that OPD, MUPD and Oxford EMS are trying to help address the phone reception issues with Verizon and T-Mobile citing safety concerns.


Miami’s “fan support team” (I assume there is a slice of the ICA department dedicated to this type of recurring problem) should go ask THE OSU, 'Bama, ND and a few other prominent programs how they deal with these issues.

Just tried to buy 8 tickets online to support the program from afar.

It said I can’t buy more than 4 tickets at once. Wtf

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You would think you could buy 1000 tickets without issue

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Just to add on something mentioned in another thread, but there’s no way to buy parking by itself on the website. I wanted to preemptively reserve a parking spot since those will likely be in short supply, but wait to buy game tickets until later in the week when I’ll know how many I need. The website doesn’t allow you to access the parking section until after you’ve selected game tickets.

I was able to put 8 tickets in my cart and start the checkout process. Did it stop you when you tried to pay?

Also QB, I would try putting tickets in your cart, adding the parking pass, then removing the tickets right before checkout. See if it’ll let you buy only the parking pass then. Just an idea

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This worked

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That should be true. We spoke with 2-3 of,the officers who could not get cell reception,which is a big deal.

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