Things could be worse

I was just browsing through the women’s conference standings. Look at how our traditional area rivals are doing this season:

Big East Xavier 7-17 ( 0-15) Last place.

American Cincy 8-15 (1-9) Last place

A- 10 Dayton 4-18 (3-8) 13th out of 15

Horizon Wright State 4-20 ( 3-11) 10th out of 11


I think it really shows that if the ladies could get things on track they could dominate our little section of the universe. And I would argue that save for Orville and Wilbur U, every one of those athletic directors is probably not happy about the state of things.

We lost to that terrible Xavier team by 19 points so I am not sure things could be worse


We are at the bottom and should be at the top. There are a huge number of talented players within 100-200 miles of Oxford. Watching us play I don’t know how things could be worse FOR US.We should be the dominant women’s team in most if not all sports in the MAC.


Yeah…DICK, maybe not your best post.

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Well said.

I know I will take grief for saying this, but our prior staffs recruited the St. Louis area, and we had a number of very good players come to Miami from St. Louis. Hendrix has not signed one. She did have one girl from St. Louis who transferred but then left relatively quickly. St. Louis routinely has top womens high school basketball. Hendrix has not recruited here.

So my choice of titles for this thread was a swing and a miss….One thing about that Xavier loss was that Peyton Scott was not playing yet at that time. I haven’t followed X at all but they did start out pretty well this season before collapsing, they may have had injuries.

Both Dayton and Wright State are similar situations to when Coach Duffy left Miami, except that she showed far more love for Miami than either Coach Greene at Dayton or Coach Merriweather at Wright State did when they left. All 3 left with their programs at a high point, but both Merriweather and Greene took all the returning starters and maybe some recruits with them and left the rosters devastated. Coach Duffy did no such thing, she left two all conference players and the best recruiting class we had ever had intact. Most of those recruits did leave, but that was not Coach Duffy’s doing.


Dick, if you were in my free workshop entitled “writing effective clickbait” one of the first topics we cover is making the headline a classic misdirect. I would offer that if you replaced “worse” with almost any other word (kittenish, neomalthusian, Plantagenet come to mind)you could create both a crazier headline and more clicks. Look, I’m not telling you how to do you job here, but if you are looking for effective ways to riddle and confuse, I can help. For what it’s worth, I thought the rest of the post was on point.

Maybe it’s just the stuff wafting through the air out in SF. That might explain this.

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Explain what? I offer a valuable service here. Dick (who knows way more about hoops than I ever will and is likely a way more upstanding guy than I ever will be) wrote a post that he suggested needed a better headline. Albeit addled by bath salts, I tried to help him as a pro bono client. And from the looks of it, it’s starting to work!

Once long ago, at the Saturday Burnside Market in Portland, my best friend and I met a highly tatted and pierced lady - a vendor from SF - selling copper rings for wrists, fingers and toes. She told us wearing copper rings would allow us to understand the mysteries of the universe. She invited us to buy a ring or two and after wearing them a while to visit her somewhere near Haight and Asbury to “exchange energy.” I think she had been breathing rather deeply in SF but she was obviously trying to provide clarity - much like that you provide for Dick.

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“Things could be Plantagenet”

I suppose it’s a good thing our team isn’t coming to an end at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

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Thank you Chuck. This is exactly my point.

(Ps, for some reason, the letters “HMS” appeared in front of your name. I’m editing out, but Siri knows. She’s never pronounced my last name correct in 15 years but she damn well still knows.)

HMS thechuck_2112, Britain’s finest ship-of-the-line

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