The You See 103 Big Ones Box

Officials: Art Long, Danny Fortson, and Pat Cummings. Technical Fouls (1) UC Bench (Gale Catlett - Bad tie)

Random thoughts: We out-rebounded UC 26-24!..17 turnovers and only two steals…Williams nice offensive numbers in his return.

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90% free throws? Herb Sendek is proud

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Miami is 327th in defense. Don’t know if that includes last night and non-D1 games, in which case they are close to the very bottom.

That D ranking makes some sense watching the games, but sort of shocking in some regards, 4 to 5 frosh playing maybe makes it less so, but wow 327…you’d think Steele would get that part sorted some.

On O this website is crazy on its data…some shot charts, we have some guys that don’t finish that well at the rim, Anderson struggles going left it would seem, but his shooting % is now starting to creep back towards 55%, where he needs to be for Miami to successful, IMO (in part due to Calumet maybe, but shot well vs UC). Mekhi needs to stop forcing drives and rely on his mid-range, clearly likes 3/4 arc as well. Wild the data (hopefully does not blow the site up).

College Basketball Shot Charts - CBB Analytics



Tatum with better eFG% than Mekhi, Mabrey, Anderson… Overall O is no longer looking like a problem, our D a glaring issue.

Will a bunch of local guys beat Miami again? I would like to think we could guard Bellarmine a bit better. Knights last outing:

I was able to listen to the beginning of the game on WLW driving home from work. I didn’t realize Kamari Williams was ineligible to start the season.

What is the status of Curtis Harrison IV? Is he injured?

Is that scoring defense? We’re 355 in defensive efficiency.


Good stuff. Thanks.

Safford and Billy Smith seems to be pretty good from all over the floor according to these charts if I am reading them correctly.

Correct…both with good eFG% for positions as well.

Maybe the right baseline trey, not their jam, but about it.

Bump. Harrison update anyone?

I didn’t realize there were even 355 D1 teams to be 355th. How many are there?

Harrison has been hurt, but Steele expects him back in January.

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