The Rink Live story on Miami's 2023-24 roster

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So let me get this straight. Bergeron won’t talk to VFTG but will give an interview to TRL for them to write a full throated puff piece? “Gee, since we haven’t been recruiting shit from North America and all our good players bailed to the portal, wait’ll Mayotte sees how we’re killin’ it in Europe!” Did Berge have a say over final editing? W in T actual F?

Based solely on this article I expect nothing less than home ice for the first round of the playoffs.


Back to lurking.

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Berge ought to be glad VFTG would mention his hockey team regularly
( and they’re generally fair I’d say).Who else does? :cricket::cricket:(crickets)
What’s the old line about publicity “ just spell my name right”? Ya gotta have it or you’re invisible. Just sayin.I’m out.

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I think hoping that our defensemen can do a far better job of clearing the puck while dealing with the inexperience we’re going with in net raises a big red flag for me. Wishing the boys all the luck in the world. It looks like they might need it.

Yeah, Miami’s three goalies have a combined two collegiate wins.

Bruveris had a solid year in the USHL. I hope he can take the next step. We wrote about him in April.

FutureHawks: Bruno Bruveris – View From the Glass