The "Redhawks Never Trailed" Box

Random thoughts: FIVE blocks for Anderson…Williams becoming more consistent - 10 points and 6 rebounds tonight…15 offensive rebounds for Broncos.

Officials: John Offerdahl, Greg Jennings, and Paul Griffin. Technical fouls: Western Michigan (Walker Russell Sr (baiting and phishing)

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Official John Offerdahl any relation to WMU All American linebacker of the same name?

See private message.

Missed the last ten minutes of the game to play a hockey game, but just got caught up.

Safford absolutely locked Norman down again. Not a great offensive night, but made his free throws when they mattered. I was really impressed with Titus last game, but Mirambeaux was not having it today. Watching Mabrey start to consistently score in different ways is exciting.

IMO, WMU has four of the better guards in the conference. They went 15/39, 5/21 from 3, and had 7 turnovers.

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Is Greg Jennings any relation to the former WMU wide receiver of the same name?

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Really impressed with our performance. The D was intense for most of the night, and the offense had flow. Everyone contributed. It did seem like Lewis was not quite with it. It seemed like Lairy had a slight limp after falling. Hope that’s not serious. Hard to believe we are in the hunt for the MAC tourney. The Buffalo game will be interesting.

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Single digit turnovers!

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Got it Eddie…thanks!

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Zone tends to give up a couple more offensive rebounds, but we do need to be better there…as great as Anderson is, the counter is to make him run, beat him down floor…and there are some lapses there on D.

That said…the zone gives Anderson a bit of break on D, and I thought the matchup action/rotation was good on the ball.


One and the same. Great player. So was Offerdahl. And Paul Griffin was a talented big man who helped WMU to several successful seasons. Along with Griffin, they had another solid big man whose name escapes me after these many years.

Might have been Tom Cutter. Not quite as big as Griffin but he was solid. They had a great team. Sweet 16.

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A good buddy of mine (Mike Reardon) was 6th man omg that great WMU team. I also reminder how packed Millett was when they came in to play us…beat us unfortunately. We had excellent hoops teams all those years…

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Agreed. We have struggled to rebound against any team who has a great rebounder. We have a few players who are below average rebounders at their position. Percentiles below are based on position. Billy Smith and Kamari have struggled to rebound from the 4 this season. That said, Kamari is trending in a very positive direction over the last 5 games. I think part of that is because he’s doing a great job at being the first guy to the second ball. He’s had a couple rebounds each of the last few games that Mirambeaux and Morris have tipped up while trying to box guys out.

Off topic, but Morris is very close to being an elite shot blocker this season. 92nd percentile, blocking 7.5% of all 2 point attempts taken while he’s on the floor. Also going to note that Miami’s score keeper has missed multiple blocks of his over the last few games.

Kamari has really turned it around defensively the last 5 games.

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Had to look it up, but remember they had a very good guard with a great 70’s ‘stache - Jim Kurzen.

I remember that game, Cincykid. Crowd in Millett lobby so big they knocked a turnstile over when the doors opened. Fisticuffs over a saved seat a couple rows in front of us. WMU was nationally ranked at the time.


Sounds good…as we need Kamari to be good and Morris to continue his D to have a chance @ UB.

Also, Morris has to at least be available on O…he had couple games recently where he score 8, but against WMU there were a couple time guys looked his way for entry-pass and he had no awareness or desire from an offensive set.

If he’s wide open on slip of screen or otherwise he has to be ready to catch it and make the layup or by all means - dunk it.