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I ran across this the other day and would like to share.



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Interesting article.

Rounding out the starting team are Charley Coles and Jerry Peirson. Coles was class A (small school) player of the year in Ohio as a high school senior, but he walks as if his feet hurt and, at 6 feet, he did not appeal to the big colleges. Peirson, who is a ringer for Roger Maris and the only junior on the starting five, came to Miami because his high school coach was the brother of the then Miami assistant trainer.

We seem to have fallen so far from the UD, Xavier, and UC rivalry that we once had. It hurts that those teams will not even play us anymore.


Thanks Eddie for helping me out. I graduated in 1963 and sometimes have difficulty in keeping up with technology.


That team averaged over 80 points per game—at a time when there was no three-point line, dunking was illegal and the three-seconds rule was strictly enforced.


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Bummer they lost only one MAC game and they were not in the NCAA or even the NIT tournament despite 20-5 record.

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The mythical Miami Valley League in both basketball and football, Miami, UD, XU, and UC. Oh, the great old days.


The remaining members of this team should be honored at a Miami game.


That CC description is priceless.

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Thanks so much for sharing this article! Frank Deford was certainly one of the great sportswriters of all time. Never thought about Jerry Pierson being a lookalike for Roger Maris, but it certainly was true when they were both younger!


Wow, Frank Deford wrote the article. Excellent!