The Masters 2024

Had to start this thread now because of this news

Tiger Woods is Abstaining from Sex to Get Ready for the Masters. The Rest of the Field is Doomed. | Barstool Sports.

It won’t matter, that leg mutilation, for all intents and purposes, killed whatever he had left in his career.

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Doctor Cakes, I would tend to agree with your diagnosis in general, but Augusta is different. It’s probably the one course he could still win on as it brings a few variables the other majors and tournaments simply don’t have that his game is suited for. Walking for four days would be hard but it’s amazing how a few good holes in a row makes it feel a whole lot shorter.


Even if you have the course memorized like the back of your hand you still have to be able to execute the shots you want and be physically capable. Can’t forget Augusta is a very hilly course, it won’t be good for him. I’d also argue competition has grown stiffer lately than in some of his previous masters appearances. I predict a fairly non-competitive made cut. Maybe T30-40

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