The Marching Band Refused to Yield

Interesting article about an incident at Ohio’s Homecoming game with Miami in 1992. My little brother ‘73 and I remember there being bad blood between the MUMB and the 110 when we both played in the band from ‘69-‘72 - something about an on field skirmish between the two bands during a pregame show. The bands weren’t traveling to Migrations at Oxford and Athens because of it. We were Migrating to BG.

Now that I am predicting our ancient primary with UC is on the cusp of a major sea change, I have a bucket list vision for the Battle of the Bricks going forward - as Ohio becomes our primary rival. I’d like to see the game set annually for either the second or third Saturday in October on alternating campuses. I’d like to see the University bands sign a memo of understanding committing to good sportsmanship so that both bands can be part of the annual pageantry.

Make it happen, Miami, Ohio and Commissioner Steinbrecker!

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nearly the exact same thing happened in the 1988 game involving a few of our punt returners at half time…

My dad and brother and I drove over for the 1990
Game at Athens. We crushed them. I remember about 50 members of the MUMB were there, dressed in street clothes but seated all together. Some other Miami students joined them. At halftime, every One of the kids in that section opened newspapers in front of themselves and pretended to be reading them while the Marching 110 did it’s show. The blood has been bad for 60 years.

I’ll say this…have been to the last three MU games in Athens and the Marching Bobbies are an absolutely fabulous band.

We all sat on OU side (great nephew on the Bobbies team sorry to say) and watched in sometimes horror and sometimes amusement at their cheerleader guys continually had trouble hoisting and keeping the female cheerleaders up in air and hold them steady. They were so bad it was really kind of amusing.


Marching 110 has a cult following. They have owned a particular niche as far as university bands are concerned.