THE is now trademarked

THE is now property of Ohio A&M

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THE Buckeyes host ND on September 3rd. And later…Miami at UK.

Big football day!

Save THE date?


Screw THE Buckeyes


They should be forced to do this dumb canard on every single property they own:
-The stall number 4 in The Ohio State second floor men’s restroom.

-The parking ticket from The Ohio State University.

-The 750 person lecture hall for The class with one teacher and 673 students from The Ohio State University.

This is just lame-o. That said, Go Bucks.

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So much for other football players announcing themselves as THE Louisiana State University or THE University of California at Los Angeles. I think they’d have to pay a royalty to Cowtown Tech if they did

IIRC we were technically chartered as The Miami University or something. I listened to all the Shriver history lessons on Youtube like a podcast during COVID.


Hopefully people will just ignore it.

Very true. We are officially THE Miami University, just as Ohio, Bowling Green, Kent State, and the rest of the universities founded by Ohio legislative action. It’s in our charter, and we had it as part of our our name a very long time before the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College (later called OSU) was founded in 1870. This action on behalf of OSU by the court is incredibly arrogant and no doubt championed by those who truly believe anything can and should be owned to make money in legal procedings. Just like when Miami was told they could no longer use the letter “M”, not a specifically designed logo, but simply an M as it appears in most block-style fonts, because “Michigan now owns it.” When letters of the alphabet and articles such as the word “the” can become intellectual property, are we on a trajectory where red brick academic buildings could be “owned” by Miami University? Let’s get our attorneys on it immediately! Any college who has a red-brick building must either remove it immediately or pay us a hefty royaly for the license to keep it.


Well said.

Much ado about very little. The ruling only applies to use on clothing.

Check out this article from

Ohio State University secures trademark for use of the word ‘THE’ on clothing

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Indeed. I guess they may have to update the question…I mean answer.

The University of Dayton

Still one of the best headlines ever.


673 students split between 4 rooms watching THE 12” monitor

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So g-d is my witness, I saw something truly remarkable when I moved one of my sisters into her freshman year dorm at Ohio State. This was back in the early 90’s and her dorm was next to the dining hall where a supply delivery had come in and workers were unloading boxes. One of the boxes said “Grade D ground beef” with the word “edible” in parenthesis under it. I only wish I’d had a camera to take a picture. Just ghoulish.

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THE Cow College on the Olentangy can go piss up a rope.

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Trading pride for money is what they do in Cowtown.

IIRC, the comment about Michigan “owning” the block M wasn’t a literal statement…it was made by a consultant who was helping Miami with marketing & branding. He was saying that we needed to differentiate our logo from Michigan’s (and Marshall’s). That was the driver behind the change. Interestingly, Maryland’s new “M” logo looks amazingly like ours! Let’s hope they don’t try to trademark it.


Lots of Maryland transplants here in NC ask me if my M is for Maryland. But if they are actually Maryland alums the know the difference.

I hear they’re trying to trademark the word “duh” also.