The invisible hand of winning

@yanksalex was commenting on another thread how his entire flight today seemed filled with Miami fans. That’s what winning will do. I was just stopped in our local supermarket by a stranger that saw my Miami hat. He was excited about the win yesterday and wanted to know if I watched it, which I had. We had a 15 minute Miami football conversation. Turns out he was Bill Mallory’s freshman roommate in Reid Hall. Winning out of conference sends innumerable invisible hands into the world and like a tide, lifts all boats. He also wanted to talk about Chuck. He does not feel he understands what Miami football is all about and hates his approach to OOC games. Chuck needs to believe.


Keep “preaching the gospel”! OOC games DO matter!


You mean no one comes up to you after we beat 1-win Akron in November?

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I had the same thing happen at a restaurant for lunch today. Dudes asked if I had gone to Miami, watched the game, and the like. I was really glad to be able to rep today. Probably helped that I had my M hat on today instead of my native American one.