The Committee always overrates this conference

The Mountain West

How they get 4 teams and other mid majors get 1 or 2

I feel like SDSU never plays to their seed

Have you ever constructed an entire bracket from scratch? Like what the committee does.

If i did I would never have 4 MWC teams in


So what would you base your bracket on?

D3 strength of schedule…that’s where Miami shines


Well for example Sagarin had Wyoming at 83

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Sure wouldn’t have included Marquette, Iowa State, LSU, TCU, or Seton Hall. Check their win loss records over their last 12 games

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I agree Wyoming shouldn’t be in the tournament.

I dunno… I strongly feel that over the last decade, the Mountain West has out-performed the PAC12. The PAC12 has been garbage in every metric and the MWC has beat them… This may be a case of the PAC needing to bow down to the MWC!!!

Actually, I would say the best conference out West for quite awhile has been the West Coast Conference. Only 8 teams, but it has Gonzaga, St. Mary’s , Brigham Young, and San Francisco.


BYU will be gone soon to the B12, but cannot disagree. It is a solid conference. Although that conference only has 1 sport in which to spend the majority of $$$$.

Has the Big 10 ever over achieved in March- i think in the 70s they had 3 teams in the final 4 but mostly it is too many teams in the tournament

Holy heck! How about St. Peter’s. They remind me of the great team from the state of Kent from 20 years back now

The B1G is the first conference to have 9 teams make the tournament with no Elite 8 participants.


I think they have a few times. Just off the top of my head. I’m omitting when a single #1 made it to the Final 4. (Minnesota in '97, MSU in '01, OSU in '07:
1989: Michigan and Illinois made the Final 4. Michigan actually beat Illinois in a semifinal, then won the championship in overtime over Seton Hall
1992: Michigan and Indiana in the Final 4, Duke beat Michigan in the finals
1993: Michigan upset #1 Kentucky in the Final 4, then lost to UNC in the finals (Webber timeout)
1999: Michigan St. and Ohio St. in the Final 4. Ohio St. was a 4 seed I think. Both lost in the semifinals.
2000: Michigan St. and Wisconsin in the Final 4. MSU won, the last BIG winner.
2002: Indiana made the Final 4 as a 5 seed, lost in the finals.
2005: Illinois and MSU in the Final 4, MSU lost in the semis, Illinois in the finals
2009: MSU made the finals as a 2 seed, lost.
2010: MSU made the Final 4 as a 5 seed, lost in the semifinals
2012: Ohio St. made the Final 4 as a 2 seed, lost in the semifinals
2013: Michigan made the Final 4 as a 4 seed, lost in the finals
2014: Wisconsin made the Final 4 as a 2 seed, lost in the semifinals
2015: MSU and Wisconsin made the Final 4. MSU (7 seed) lost in the semifinals. Wisconsin (1 seed) lost in the finals
2018: Michigan made the finals as a 3 seed, lost

But there are plenty of BIG teams that have underachieved massively. IMO, the BIG has lacked top level players, especially guards. The teams that made deep runs had them. Other years, like this year, didn’t have them. Jaden Ivey for Purdue could’ve been an exception, but he disappeared tonight. Purdue’s other guards slid increasingly into the background as the season wore on, as they’ve done in many years.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mr. Ivey in the portal. He either seems to think he’s way better than he is, or Painter won’t let him fly.

He’s a top ten pick lock. He’s going to the NBA portal.

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Yeah I think the problem with Ivey may have been he’s too good to be playing with the likes of
Zach Eady….