The Calumet Bourbon Whisky Box

Attendance: 54 Officials: Cal Ripken Jr, Cal Thomas, and Cal Clutterbuck.

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54?! LOL!

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771, not to argue that a number below 1k is defensible for a D1 program.

I mean they scheduled a game vs an NAIA team on Browns - Bengals Sunday at 1pm with students just leaving for winter break


There were not actually 771 butts in seats, though.

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I believe the official attendance numbers include cheerleaders, support staff, etc.


…and players.

That’s an insult to everyone associated with Miami basketball. There’s no way this game should even have been scheduled vs this team. But to play it vs the NFL and after even the dorms have closed, is just plain wrong.

These players need to have an opportunity to play with a more fuller Millett Hall.

It was a glorified scrimmage. I just dont think it is fair to expect attendance for it


Agreed. More important to have a home court advantage for conference play. Not to say we will…

Because the U might not really care? (I’m sorry to ask. As I did with the Homecoming football game scheduled on fall break with virtually NO students in town) Just say’in.

So about 75 fans were there?