The all-inclusive Miami incoming class thread

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A great morning read! Can’t wait to start the season

Nicely done, Bonk. And “typical dumb freshmen” LOL! I almost blew coffee out my nose.

Thanks for the write-up! I will say, and maybe it’s just because I work on and stare at a computer all day, but the red background really messed with my eyes/made it a little difficult to read



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Yeah, I get it. I’ve played with the settings a bit but I really don’t know how to fix that without completely overhauling the format.

I somehow may be missing it, but I’ve been trying to find some content on Miami for the upcoming season. Seems like there’s not much, aside from VFTG (which I greatly enjoy btw). With the season starting Saturday, I would have figured there’d be a little more out there to watch/read to feed my excitement. Oh well. Hoping works game 1, as I seem to always have trouble with it at the beginning of the season.

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Pushing up plenty more on our site in the next few days leading up to opening night.

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Brad Schlossman, the Nodak beat writer for the Grand Forks Herald, ranks the top 20 incoming freshmen. Waldron is our only player to make the list … at #17

I’ve been saying this for a while now - we may be recruiting better than in the recent past, but we are not keeping pace with the top programs. The most generous statement you could possibly make about this class is that it’s average for the league. With that said, I know Berge is bringing in only quality kids and I’m thankful to have each one on board as they will represent the university well. But I’m sick and tired of all this losing. I want to win. And this feels like another lost year unless this is a class still caught in the clutches of “Covid recruiting” (OK, that was a snarky comment; apologies - though I am curious as to when the statute of limitations runs out on the Covid excuse).

Anything less than two regulation wins this weekend is unacceptable. Ferris is a perennial CCHA bottom feeder. No more excuses.

Back to lurking.

Hard to get the top recruits if you are not winning. Hard to win if you’re not getting the top recruits.

Hopefully we have enough solid guys to start making a push.