The 2022 - 2023 Schedule is Out

Miami Hockey Announces 2022-23 Schedule - Miami University RedHawks (

A couple of observations

18 Home games
2 games at home against Michigan State
NO Home Games during The J Term


Hope to make one of the Michigan State games…I’ll be in Ohio the week of Thanksgiving.


Niagara on New Years Eve!

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Playing MSU Thanksgiving weekend with students out of town seems like a waste.


Agree bad timing with MSU series

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December 9/10 is the end of finals week so most students will be gone for that series as well.

I agree with you, but since it’s on the schedule and we fans constantly talk about wanting to see more B12 teams it’s prolly a win. (Scheduling wise that is.)

It doesn’t do a whole lot of good to schedule big ten teams if no one will be at the games. We averaged 2100 in attendance across all games last year, but just 950 avg in the two thanksgiving games against LIU. We already knew we’d be playing MSU since we played the first half of the home and home last year. It sucks that students won’t be able to attend what would otherwise be the easiest series to promote and get casual fans to. It’s like if we had played the UC basketball game this year over winter break and no one went, instead of getting a season high crowd.


It’s like meeting the girl of your dreams and then finding out she’s Siri!

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You mean like December 21, 2010?

Thanksgiving is a rough weekend to compete with football. I would guess it wasn’t their first choice since the series in 2020 that was postponed was at the front end of the schedule. This may have been all they mutually had open.


Yeah, that’s fair. It’s unfortunate but I’m sure the AD knows that and didn’t plan it intentionally.

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Would MSU have likely demanded this weekend precisely due to this attendance factor?

Kind of a bummer for me that there’s only one trip to Colorado this year. But, I should be in Ohio over Thanksgiving, so maybe I can get to one of the MSU games. Not an ideal time, but I could also make my kid do a campus visit while we’re there! :grinning: (I’ve told him that I’m not going to put any pressure on him about where he wants to go to college…but he has to at least visit Miami, mostly so mom can visit Miami! :laughing: )


B 7,in hockey.

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I see what you did there.

The real story is that your kid is now old enough to legitimately visit colleges in order to weigh his upcoming options.

Damn you, Father Time!


I know, right?! Somehow he went from that adorable toddler in my profile pic to awkward teenager in the blink of an eye… :upside_down_face: