Taylor Housewright....is an OC

with Miami connections. Look up his accomplishments, especially over the last 2 years at Montana State…

Impressive resume - but I’m guessing there wouldn’t be a lot of interest on his part given the current situation at Miami.


Interesting article! In past years we probably would have seen some names with coaching ties to “The Cradle.” None that I can find on this list. Today there are more names tied to UC, including Gino Guidugli and even Rick Minter’s kid.

It looks like - with the emphasis on offense in football - that the center of the coaching universe might have moved south and west.

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Apparently he coached QBs in 2013 and DBs in 2014. So a disaster of a unit one year and an incredible coaching job with another unit the following year.

Does he call plays for them? Their head coach was the OC for Craig Bohl at NDSU and Wyoming.

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Back in the MAC as the new OC at Akron

No longer going to Akron. Smart decision on his part

Miami would be well-advised to hire this young man…he has a bright future, What better way to build his resume than a stint at Miami

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing he pulled back from Akron because he has bigger offers on the table. I’d be a little surprised if he’s not at P5 school this fall.

I’d be more than surprised if he is. And I disagree with @Renmanco that we should pursue him. The window for that was last season. It’s likely his legal issue caught up with him. He allegedly drove drunk, crashed his university issued vehicle, then drove ANOTHER car. He probably needs some reputation rebuilding and I’m not sure Miami is the right place and I’m not sure a P5 team is willing to be that program for an FCS coordinator.

This article states he’s taking a step back to reassess his career and deal with personal matters:


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Oops…missed his misadventure…PASS…on him.

WTF is going on in Bozeman? OC charged with aggravated DUI several months after the DC is also charged with DUI, and the RB coach who allegedly aided and abetted the OC is also driving on a suspended license? Is the entire coaching staff drunk 24/7?

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Have you ever been there? Not much to do in the winter, other than drink.


Bozeman is spectacular in every season! That’s why nice homes there are all going for about a million bucks now.

Yes, very expensive place to live. I agree it’s a nice place to visit. Living there is a different story. Unless you are from there.

Bozeman. I agree; definitely passing on living there. Maybe a good place to visit for a day or two.

I live here. And there’s plenty of drinking in the summer too. :wink:


Chief, if Kentucky Gentleman has the best handle on this board (fact check: he does) you may be the most interesting fan. Were I the CMO of a local brewery in or not far fromthe 513, I’d create marketing around you called “the most interesting fan in the world”. Dos Equis would take us to court, but our legal friends here would bail us out. I saw Bluesman’s headshot. He would be an hard out in deep litigation! Anyhow, keep being interesting.

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Montana Red Beer…a Coors Silver Bullet mixed with Tomato Juice.


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