So I’ve been going to Miami games for a long time, but only really tailgated a handful of times. We got a group together last season for the KSU game and had a great time tailgating in the Millet lot. We just set up shop in the parking spot next to us since there seemed to be plenty of spaces available.

We’re planning on doing another tailgate this season for the BGSU game. I began looking into trying to get a spot in Hannon park. Do any of you tailgate there? Thoughts? Is it reservation only or can I show up and get a spot?

I know Miami has tailgating packages. Has anyone here done one of those?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated

Since this thread started almost immediately after I posted clarification on the soft cancellation of the previously planned official pregame event at Hard Rock, please note that I posted an email from the Alumni Office on the Real Football 2023 - Miami vs Miami thread.

Unless Miami has changed the requirements, you must have a pass for the entire season to get a numbered, reserved spot in Hannon Park.

Also, I think it requires a certain level of donation.

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I didn’t even know it was possible to go to Yager Stadium without a few cheap beers and grilled meats in your system.

Sackman…Hell I didn’t even know they built an e’ffin parking lot where the football stadium of my youth used to be.
Then they tore down Swing Hall and Withrow Court to put up a monster techie building that doesn’t look too Miami like at first glance.
We had a flat on I-70 going to a game last year and were extremely late getting there. West lot—full; Bonham Road lot—full. They directed us to “the parking gargae” and I’m thinking what the hell? the parking lot…where’s there an effin’ parking lot?
Well, it’s where the stadium used to be. Like several folks in this wonderful group of HawkTalkers I’m a child of the 70’s (‘79 to be exact) and a parking lot and couple big honkin’ buildings replacing such wonderful old places seems like a travesty. I know-progress and all that but dang…a parking garage for such a special old place.

70’s Flashback-----Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi couple of the lyrics:

" They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" and “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”



Trying to stay on topic while the heard of threadjackers descend


That looks like Monty Python!

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