Sylvester Stallone filming in Oxford this week

This should be exciting! The question is, will mattsledge have an extra role in the film?

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He’s going to extend it to two weeks so he can get his name on the wall at CJ’s.


Confusing. Says all filming will take place at Hueston Woods but impact will be significant in uptown Oxford? Weird!

He was supposed to be filming at Beech and Walnut Saturday afternoon. We drove by a few times. Didn’t see anything. Bummer as I was going to give Sly my playbook on movie making! :rofl: :rofl:


We’re pretty much used to seeing movie production here in Wilmywood constantly.

It was from 4pm-5am

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I think this makes Miami the FIRST university in America that has:

A. Super Bowl winning QB
B. US President
C. Movie filmed with the star of “Rambo”


Rocky is more impressive than Rambo.

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Some serious disrespect for Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot!

Tulsa series was pretty damn good.

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Other than The Ides of March, has there been any other significant movies filmed on campus?

Little Man Tate


Fairly confident I saw “Demolition Man” at the Princess.

Also, allegedly Oxford is a stunt-double in this film for a small Polish town…

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This was a big time flick. I enjoyed it more after I got older and had a kid.

On the “indie” side, a 1995 movie called ‘A Reason To Believe” was shot entirely on/around campus. It’s a better movie than the IMDB rating.

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Demolition Man is a remote drop. That film is beautiful!

Never heard of it. I’ll have to check it out. The TEKE house on South Campus was used as the professor’s office in Little Man Tate. Harry Connick, Jr was in that one.

Yes. There’s an Oxford Press article out today on that. They fly a Polish flag at the O-Pub.

Thought Harry Connick Jr. did a heckuva acting job for a musician.

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One of my favorite sequences from the film. And there’s something special watching this in the summer when the campus is all in bloom and the trees are full


I just looked up the Reason to Believe movie cast. Mark Metcalf is the Dean. He played Doug Niedermeyer in Animal House. Perfect!

I noticed it was directed by Doug Tirola, a Miami alum. I knew Vince Tirola and his wife Barbara. Both were big time boosters and Miami super fans back in the day. I’m sure AndyStef knows them. Vince retired from a law practice in CT a couple years ago. I wonder if Doug is their kid.

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