Super Bowl LVIII - Predictions

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, time to make some predictions

I’m gonna say 49’ers over Chiefs. McCafferty MVP

Was leaning towards Chiefs until I read this (below). Taking SF now.

The team with red as one of their team colors will win.

And if you’re colorblind?

Predict they show miss swift over 20 times chiefs win 28 to 14

Chiefs in Overtime

Were there any Miami connections to either team?

Absolutely loved the longer couch potato commercial. Maybe that’s my personal Miami connection. I don’t think there were any onfield connections.

Brett was on the field after the game with his brother/other family, and per Rivals archives Travis Kelce had an offer from us during his recruitment in 2007. So to answer, not really.

I hope he was free from crutches or canes.

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