Summer/Winter Vacation Planning - Colorado, Montana, Teton Valley

If anyone is planning a trip to or wants to learn more about sunny Colorado (Breckenridge, great for skiing and also Summer), Montana (Whitefish, near Glacier National Park, but also winter skiing at Whitefish Ski Resort), or Grand Teton/West Yellowstone (Driggs, ID, Summer is peak bc of the parks, but 12 mins from Grand Targhee Resort and 40 mins from Jackson for skiing!), feel free to send me a DM as we have Airbnb’s in each spot. Airbnb made an update to the algorithm last week and seeing volume drop, so advertising where I can!


Our summer (Alaska) and fall(Colorado) trips are already planned for this year but next summer ‘23 we will be looking for a summer place with multiple bedrooms. Glacier area is one of our thoughts.

Most of my summers are spent alternating between Hebron, Batavia, and Gary Ind. but to each their own.

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Dallas and Disney World this summer. Maybe next year!

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Sounds good, just message me! Can work on pricing direct and save on all the taxes and fees for you then too!


I’ve spent the last 16 years living in those three states (well…CO, MT and Jackson, so WY not ID). Highly recommend making it permanent to those that can. :beers:

We made the move from Chicago out to Denver in Feb 21 and it sure has been nice having winter sun! Montana is also just the best

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We moved from Ohio to Boise Idaho ( great city) and also have a house in Big Sky MT which on a selective basis is available to rent - can sleep up to 12 and is a short walk to the Village )- let us know if you are in the area !

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Big Sky is on our list. If we get a big group and looking for rental, will reach out direct! Do the same for Breck, Whitefish, or Driggs!

Got anything in Cuenca, Ecuador in early September Spanks?

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Cuenca is gorgeous. Highly recommended!

Indeed! Will be retiring there in 2-3 years. Hopefully by then Spanks’ Airbnb empire will be international.


Spent 2 years in Cuenca (2010-2012) before moving to Mexico (2012-2019) Now in Santa Fe where I plan to be forever. Mexico was great but crime became a concern so headed back to the U.S. Timing was great for the move back. Got in the housing market in SF before prices exploded.

I’ve thought about San Miquel de Allende in Mexico, but nearby Guanajuato has gotten sort of dicey recently. Cuenca, Ecuador is the top choice, but northern Portugal (Porto, Braga, and the Douro River valley) is a close second. I suppose once Spanks goes international it will open up a few more options.

We lived in San Miguel for 7 years until the crime worsened. Loved it! Perfect weather, lots to do & many of the amenities of the USA. Would still be there if it weren’t for the crime. Seems to be ok now according to friends. 2 different friends from Cuenca moved to Portugal after we left & another to Spain.

We were in San Miguel and Guanajuato right before the pandemic hit. We had zero issues regarding crime and safety even when we were out late at night, though we heard stories. I suppose more than anything is that I think San Miguel has gotten a little pricey over the last 5-10 years, but then again I keep comparing it now to how inexpensive it was 20 years ago, lol. Still though, there are deals to be had… I hope Spanks can get in on the action.

We built a house in San Miguel in a gated community in 2012. Best decision we ever made! Made a ton of money on the sale & had a great Mexican woman architect/builder. Unfortunately the last year we lived there, guys were coming over the walls right & left breaking into houses. We had a good security system & were never bothered, but it was unnerving nonetheless.

And here is our new one in Driggs!