Student Marketing

It would be nice to see this marketing effort from the Office of Residence Life directed to getting students to athletic events on campus rather than the basement in Emerson.

Do we really need “Libs of TikTok” content on this board? We should stick to sports.


" Is this what Miami University is using tuition money and the hundreds of thousands of dollars they received in federal funding on?"

Edit: Read some of the comments. Obviously, not a good look for us. Maybe a resignation is in order.

Good question. Deserves an answer.

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On campus housing has a residential fee which is used for events organized by RAs, so probably not.


Agreed. The email should be the discussion point.

Yes, college students are having sex. Yes, college students are adults. Yes, adults should have access to sex ed, especially with the risks of STIs.

The email wasn’t informative. It didn’t explain the event was a sex ed event. It was in poor taste and not fitting for an email blast. If it takes giving away sex toys to get students to learn about consent, disease prevention, and avoiding unplanned pregnancy, so be it. Probably a better use of money than having students drop out from getting pregnant or student healthcare fees going up from STIs going around.


Perhaps, but the complaints are being spearheaded by a political movement that’s ideologically opposed to sex ed in any form, even for college aged students, so I don’t see the value of taking a criticism in good faith when it was not made as such.


Execution is 99% of good marketing. This is lazy. Yet the funny thing is, the mediums of communications change through time, but the foibles remain the same. When I was a freshman, a letter arrived from the university on official letter head that was delivered to the entire quad about a bootleg porno ring that was running on campus and then went on to threaten prosecution to anyone involved or anyone in possession of said paraphanelia. In the letter, there were some titles mentioned. I remember one was called “Hot Buttered Elves.” Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I’d saved that letter. I should have framed it.

I think of that poor secretary who had to type those titles. I smile.


That’s interesting. What is the name of the specific movement? Links?

Pick The Underdog is the only thing saving you from being the worst poster on this board.


The email isn’t great. But it’s also not some high crime and it certainly didn’t require a public response from the university like that.

Anyone upset by the email should, respectfully, get a life.


I used to be an RA. We would have various “safe sex” topic panel events sometimes. There was significant coaching involved in anything being sent out with the Miami letterhead. As a man, that sort of scrutiny was doubled, especially in situations where female residents were present. It just comes across as embarrassing and amateur to all involved.

I assumed you would ignore the question. But jeez…Use the “block” feature. Please!


“embarrassing and amateur to all involved.” Exactly.


Why? Aside from it not using federal funding, if you don’t like what the money is being spent on it shouldn’t be spent? Is spending money to save money a poor use of funds? Or would you rather be like BG and have a reputation for the most STIs/student?

Are you mad at the content of the email or the topic the email was discussing?

Similar to what I mentioned with @LaxDaddy sharing from libsoftiktok, I’d ask you be careful with the political commentary

I guess it is a good thing my daughter doesn’t like pizza!! :grinning:

Free pizza! Woohoo!

Now if Jeremy Jordan or Ben Platt were giving the presentation she would be in the front row!!

Other than the word contraceptive, there is nothing here to suggest this is about having safe sex. It comes across as a horny 24(?) year old telling 18 year old freshmen to “cum” to a spooky sex party.

Nothing wrong with the topic, but the email is extra disturbing coming that it came from a Miami University employee. Major DeUnna Hendrix vibes.

End of discussion.

EDIT- not sure an apology is totally necessary, but this employee should be fired. If I was a parent, I think id be upset.


I’m making a (maybe wrong) assumption this is one of a series of emails, especially since it says you’re missing it, as in the event is starting and it’s a last minute reminder.


“Are you mad at the content of the email or the topic the email was discussing?”


Edit: Termination, however, should be strongly considered.