St. Thomas men's hockey to join NCHC in 2026-27 as 10th team

Looks like Rico is coming back

This add is very disappointing to me. They should have added Bowling Green instead, to increase the MidWest wing of the NCHC. This is similar to adding Youngstown State to the MAC. The last thing this league needed was another Minnesota ream.


Don’t think YSU is a great comparison except for size. The addition is definitely motivated by some of the west schools wanting a presence in Minneapolis, but it also looks like St. Thomas has a sizable donor base willing to make sure they succeed at the D1 level, including a 75 million gift recently to help fund an on-campus stadium for basketball and hockey.

Also think (as mentioned in the other thread), that this could be lining up the NCHC to fold into the Summit League in order to have representation at the NCAA level.

Then they should have added BGSU and folded into the MAC

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UMass too :joy: add to the number of national championships the conference has

Not to disparage the notion of other worthy programs being added to the NCHC in lieu of the Tommies, but since it’s a done deal I am very pleased to see St. Thomas coming into the top conference in the U.S. I have a feeling we will both be very competitive over the next five years.

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Summit League is only 9 schools, 4 of whom are now in the NCHC. And the commissioner is Josh Fenton, formerly the commissioner of the NCHC and spent 11 years in the Miami AD prior to that. As a conference advocating for the NCHC, they’re a better choice than the MAC.