Some perspective on 9 wins

I went to Miami from 2012 through 2016, in that span we went 9-39 in football. To repeat, we played 48 games and won less than 20% of them. In the past four months we’ve played 11 football games and won 9. The offense certainly isn’t above criticism, but a lot of teams have meh or worse offenses and don’t win. We are, even if it isn’t pretty.


Honestly, I feel for ya L&H. In my 4 years at Miami we won 3 MAC titles, had 10 victories or more 3 years, and won two bowl games (against Georgia and South Carolina).


I think some special MHT respect is owed to Love and Honor all the other hardcore fans who attended Miami during athletic down years.

The first football game i attended was in 1986. My RA asked my to join him for our season opener. Being a football fan I said yes. I didn’t realize it was a road game at LSU. We won. It made it easy to be a fan.

It takes a special breed to have and keep the passion through the lean years.


In recent years, it been an annual pre-Thanksgiving tradition to chart all of the bowl eligible teams and all of the teams capable of becoming bowl eligible, because we’ve always been hovering around the 6-6 mark and there has been a question if we’d even get a bowl bid. Heck, even when we won the MAC in 2019, we finished 8-6. It feels odd to be 9-2. It’s great… but odd. I’m all for it feeling far more normal than odd if the team wants to keep winning like this year after year.

Let’s get a 10th win a week from Saturday and keep it rolling.

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…and we had so many very good teams in the Randy Walker years when we did t even sniff a bowl bid due to the limited number of games. I mean, our '95 team was 8-2-1 with a win over the Big Ten CHAMP, and our '98 team was 10-1 w win over North Carolina, and sat home at bowl season.


And the final bowl bid in 98 was given to the 6-5 North Carolina team that we beat! I am still pissed!


Yep, and they only took about 500 people to the bowl game.

I would have moved heaven and earth to go to a bowl game as a student ('94-'98) and even as a grad student for those teams (I was a grad asst at UC :see_no_evil: during the '98 season)…

We went to the California Bowl in my junior year, 1986. Lost to San Jose State. Still a great season. Same year we beat LSU 21-12.


That was some hot buttered bullshit. Both times!

2011-2015 here with ya my friend


Yes Bluesman…I was at both of those games…the incredible LSU win and then the disappointing loss in the Cal Bowl. The bowl game was still fun as I ran into a number of old acquaintances from Miami that day.

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That game at LSU was actually the third gsme of the season. We pounded Ball State in the opener and lost a shootout to UC in game 2. I think that loss to UC took the #8 Tigers’s attention off us.

Unfortunately, the only game I saw that season was the California Bowl 37-7 loss to San Jose State.

I watched the California Bowl with most of my DU fraternity brothers at an alum’s house.

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Watched the LSU game in a bar in Cancun


Wow, it goes to show you how fallible memories are. I attended the Riverfront shootout with UC but I would have sworn it was after LSU. I am wrong again.

At the California Bowl I was sitting right in front of President and Mrs Pearson, who I had hosted during an alumni visit. He gave me a lapel pin with the Miami latin seal on it that I still have.

I didn’t see the LSU game as I was working in the Mariners clubhouse that night. Fellow alum Randy Stearnes, the Ms community relations manager was monitoring the gsme and filling me in on the score.