Some owe Aveon an apology

For those who thought our struggles were because of Aveon…

Gabbert (Brett or Blaine), Aveon Smith, Dysert, Ben Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Hesson, Marino couldn’t move an offense with this guy calling plays.

I don’t owe Aveon an apology. He can’t throw the ball like a D1 quarterback

And quite honestly, I see some throw from Brett today and was like WTF


How would you know? All we saw from Aveon were 30 yard go routes

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You’re going to make me pull out chapter and verse on how this kid can’t throw?

Pretty sure that this is well established and I don’t have to waste my thumb stamina typing this out

However, I think that kid should be our starting tailback. That kid runs great, he’s big….I’d love him at that position


All I’m saying… some blamed Aveon for the losing and thought everything would be better if Brett was back.

Not Aveon. It’s the coaching staff


Agreed. I am frustrated for Aveon. And for Brett. There is no system in place to support their play. Or to set either up for success.

No doubt Brett is a competitor. However, my opinion is that an overall weak MAC East projected Brett in the limelight where in reality we are so desperately wanting him to be another Ben. Taking nothing away from Brett, I don’t view him today nor did I after the North Texas game or after winning the MAC Championship in Detroit as a bonafide NFL prospect. He is a pretty good MAC quarterback that is not going to go out there and single-handedly make Miami an offensive juggernaut. We all see the product that the current head coach and offensive coordinator are delivering. We have all seen enough; the evidence is there and frankly change is overdue. Alumni and supporters of any program serious about winning would not continue to say “let’s move on” or “let’s put this behind us.” We should expect more.


Repost the #s Qburger O has generally been blah for 9 years!


Some of us liked Mayer and were told he sucked eggs


Good evening, Captain Obvious!

@19goSkins ok, maybe somewhat deserved…

To me it was worth stating. The chatter from some around Gabbert placed expectations artificially high.

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