Solid G5 Football Site - Heroes

Heroes ranks MAC stadiums. I would list the currently-configured Yager complex at #2 behind the Glass Bowl.

Peden itself doesn’t thrill me but Ohio - and the Marching 110 - have always created a GameDay buzz over there on the Hocking.

Miami at #14 in Heroes G5 ranking!

Someone mentioned this in another thread a while back…

Talk about a culture change!

Georgia Southern’s Davis Brin is second on the yards passing list.

Clay Helton has totally changed the culture in Statesboro. The Eagles used to be the poster child - along with Army West Point - for the option. They beat Florida a few years ago without throwing a single pass.

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Good to see Clay doing well. He, of course, was a highly-recruited QB out of HS, but never had the career here at Miami we all hoped for. Good for him…Oh…Did you say Helton? Never mind.