Soccer Summer Getting Started

The Euro 2024 opening game is today! Copa America will start next week as well!

Well I didn’t know Germany was that great based on their performance in recent years, so I was actually rooting for Scotland. Germany gave me the strong feelings that I had towards Italy back at Euro 2020. I thought Italy had a great chance to win the tourney after seeing their debut against Turkey and they eventually won.

What ever happened to Trumpetdaddy?

Team played like crap, Gregg got the strategy completely wrong, and I’ve never seen Ivan Barton ref a game that hasn’t been a clusterfuck. If Panama runs up the score against Bolivia, it might not even be enough for us to beat Uruguay in the last game.

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Is he really better than Marsch? Considering their resume, I don’t think so. The latter’s coaching style seems more fitting as well.

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If Denmark manages to pull one back, this Germany-Denmark game will probably be one of the greatest games of all time cuz it’s had almost everything even a weather delay.

I will never forgive Sesko for denying us what would have been one of the greatest hate watching moments in sports history.

I’m glad Diogo Costa got to redeem himself. He was Portugal’s liability last WC.

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Berhalter has to go complete disaster this tournament

As long as when he goes THIS time, it’s for good.

Simultaneously true that it was a disaster by Gregg (who needs to be fired) and that the refs were clearly corrupt. The still frame they used on the VAR call was before the ball was played, used a diagonal line, and still showed the guy being half a foot offside. Legitimately one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in my life in any sport. To say nothing of the dozen other incorrect calls (including multiple rule interpretations), all of which went against the US.


Not that it matters all that much, but the yellow given to Adams needs to be rescinded.

Also don’t understand how the referee blows his whistle, pulls a yellow on Richards, but allows play to continue… then a little later he stops play for handling by a Uruguayan player when Pulisic was in the clear leading a counter attack.


Marsch’s Canada into the semis. He has his flaws and I wouldn’t advocate for him as the first choice, but if you compare their performances in MLS, Europe, and now internationally, Marsch is clearly quite a bit better than Berhalter.


Berhalter’s fired. And I have a feeling :soccer: is coming home.


Should have happened much sooner. He really should have never been hired at all.

Going to be fun to see who is interested in the job.

Klopp declined. Can someone convince Wenger to come out of his semi-retirement?

Harry Kane’s definitely cursed