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I was up watching Saturday Night Live after midnight and Colin Jost was speaking with “Deion Sanders” who suddenly said nobody had fewer losses than Colorado. Colin started listing the teams with fewer losses and the last one he got in before "Deion " cut him off was our RedHawks. Not a big deal in the overall scheme of things, but it made me feel a flash of pride.


I often forget that show still exisits…


Last week when he performed at Millett we begged him for a shoutout at the end of the show. Wish granted!



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Love it! Dropped a Miami of Ohio shoutout! Love and Honor!


You’re not missing anything. Acting, content, and sketches have fallen off a cliff, compared to previous years ( a while ago).

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Hot take, SNL has never been “good.” One out of every few skits is fantastic, but over time you forget about all the misses and only remember what stood out. Chris Farley had some hilarious ones. He also had flops. Living in a van down by the river sure stands out more than the misses. If you really think it was that great, rewatch entire episodes instead of highlights/montages.


That one was a hit, even if there wasn’t a Miami shout out, that was funny


Yeah, there is no “good” era of SNL. There is only the era that you happened to watch SNL, and the best skits you remember from that era.

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Any skit Phil Hartman was in, no matter how insignificant a part he played, was brilliant.

They called Phil “The Glue”. I miss all the silliness and creativity he gave everyone.


I haven’t watched SNL much at all for years, but knowing how I am highlighting my boomer age, I would submit that the first few years of SNL (mid to late 70’s) w Chase, Ackroyd, Murray, Belushi, Radner, Curtain, and Newmann were really funny. Ackroyd especially cracked me up!


Eddie Murphy was pretty great on it in the 80’s. Just sayin’


Spot on. It definitely has it’s ups and downs as the cast and writers change but overall when someone says the show sucks now and was good back when just means they don’t watch it now and only remember the highlights from when they did or stuff they see shared on the internet.
There’s a whole lot to like about the current cast and writers.

There was a good era of SNL. I (Many) watched entire episodes.

No longer worth watching.

Miami football gets a mention on the biggest thing to happen in pop culture last night (Taylor Swift and Kelce both made appearances) and you, the single least funny person to ever populate any iteration of MHT, thread jacks this into a referendum on what you (reminder, THE SINGLE LEAST FUNNY PERSON EVER) think is worth waching.

Go away.


Actually, I was providing a short response to a previous comment.


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