Snack Food

Since someone else started posting their favorite snack food on another thread, we may as well argue what’s best out in the open. I’m a pretzel person just starting to enjoy Dot’s which I believe are based in North Dakota. I have others.


I only referenced snack food because it was connected to rooting for the cmu chips (which I’ll never do) so I referenced husmans. (Because as the old ad that ran constantly on Red’s telecasts used to say: (when the chips are down, be sure they’re husmans). I bring this up as I want it noted in my review I wasn’t thread jacking. Snack wise, I think the Snyder’s offering is a fine range of skews. The hard pretzels are still impossible not to love. I know that’s national but it’s still good.

Potato Sticks. Since I was a kid.

Christmas time my grandmother always made Chex mix with lots of garlic flavor. Since I was the oldest grandchild I appropriated a large portion.

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BTW, never considered you were thread jacking. Just thought I might pick up some new ideas. Snyder’s are good.

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Here’s my west coast favorite: Wasabi Peas. They are hotter than the sun but go great with a beer.

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My lovely wife and I were sitting in a bar in a swank Miami Florida hotel several years ago. It was dimly lit. To compliment my beer I grabbed a handful of peanuts from the bowl in front of me. Yow. Wasabi peas. More beer please.

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For starters:

Cheez its
Cheddar/caramel popcorn
Pretzel chips dipped in cream cheese
Sour cream and onion chips


Don’t look at me weird, it’s a legit snack.


Try Costco peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets. I grab a small handful (about 8) and they satisfy my snack craving…


Extra toasty cheese it’s are tasty

Is that 8 nuggets or 8 handfuls?


That’s a great choice on the golf course instead of getting a dog at the turn which inevitably leads to a bogie. Peanut butter keeps you full and the salt makes you drink water. Win win!

Diamond dark chocolate covered oven roasted almonds

Now I’m hungry.

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8 Nuggets…Sometimes I do it a few times.

Great also while watching golf on the tube.

They are the work of the devil, and you can’t eat just one!

I know I can’t…it usually starts with eight, then proceeds to another eight and, sometimes, a third eight.

Can’t go wrong with Triscuits or their knockoffs at Aldi or other places. I think 5 ingredients only?
Kettle chips at Costo with the Himalayan salt on them. They get even better as you get further down the bag as the oil has more time to saturate and make better. Pita chips from Aldi are also awesome and there is a mochi bite (I think that’s what it’s called) at Trader Joes that is really good as are the jerk plantains there and a few other snacks.