Sloppy Second...Very Very Good Season Instead Of A Great Season...QB A Huge?

D Diehl photos

Edit: Just one of the photos…Now go away and keep your liver dry.

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They had a very good QB. We did not.

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This was a great season & QB is not a ? as Gabbert will be back.

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Indeed…But still a ?. Gabbert’s health. Backup. Etc…

The position.

In the last 4 seasons Brett has played around half the games. We don’t have Aveon or even an AJ Mayer anymore. Today is a strong indication we should be hitting the transfer portal for a QB. We don’t even know if Brett can be ready to go to start the season.

I do agree that this was a GREAT season. 11 wins, MAC champs, won on the road vs UC, OU, and Ball State. Best season in 20 years.


Brett will be ready to go against NW.

Maybe I’m just more optimistic than most, but I don’t think that’s a huge question mark. Brett specifically said he’d be back for the beginning of the season and based on the injury occuring back in October, that seems likely. If not knowing if you have a quality backup ready to go is a huge question mark, then that applies to 90% of teams. The backups have an off-season to develop and will get more reps with Aveon gone (though I wish he’d stayed).