Site Update

There’s an outstanding, fairly major update for the forum with the potential for limited downtime. I’m hoping to do it tomorrow morning. At most, I’d expect 30 minutes of downtime, but most likely closer to 10.

Quick metrics update: there are now over 300 registered users

(note, today is technically yesterday and yesterday is Tuesday on the screenshot. Lots of likes thrown around on game days, especially when we win)

Love and Honor!


I’m proud of what you (and The Chuck) before you have helped create. It’s been a blast getting to know so many interesting people. I can imagine this place having thousands of unique visitors in the not-too-distant future. Then, you should probably have ads. To help fund things. But only for ridiculous brands like say Houlihan’s or Fleet enimas. Either way, keep up the good work.


Can’t forget Steve either. It’s pretty neat that every day there are at least 60 people who want to read/write/celebrate/complain/praise/argue/etc about Miami. It’s also led to some unique experiences and I’ve enjoyed getting to meet some folks in person. I think I still owe @Skins a beer from a bet on the old site.

For those interested in the update, I need to do it for security, but it does come with some new functionality that can be enabled if folks want. You can read about it here: Discourse 3.0 is Here!


Thanks Jive. The transition was a necessary evil, but it has gone very smoothly thanks to your work. Glad to have a place to talk Miami sports


Doh! Steve I’m very sorry. Yes, him as well.

Thanks for all that you do/have done!

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Creating a backup now and then we’re off!

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Thank you for all you have done! This is a very enjoyable site for all Miami fans!

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Update is complete! It was mostly a security update, but there are a few things I’m checking out. One of those is statuses. I don’t expect much use, but you can see mine next to my username. You can set one by clicking/tapping your profile picture in the top right, then the profile tab, then Set custom status.

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When I clicked on the feather I found it to be quite revealing. In a quick second, it told me what you were currently thinking about. I had always assumed Index funds or the finer merits of C++