Sincere Carry

Horrible performance. Down 10 and you try a fancy alley oop. Come on

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He was really not good tonight.

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I guess he was less than Sincere



Not an impressive performance by Kent. One bid MAC one and done in both the NCAA and NIT. An 11 point loss and a 10 point loss. No longer the threat we used to be.

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Carry looked like he was auditioning for the NBA.

There was a quote I saw recently from a guy who has a longer than expected NBA career. When he was asked how he stuck around so long, he said something along the lines of: the biggest mistake young players make is not knowing the job they’re interviewing for. They think they’re interviewing to be the CFO, but really they’re being interviewed to be a janitor.

Most of Kent’s team looked like they were trying to show they could be a CFO, when Kent really needed someone to be a janitor.


It’s a good thing for the MAC Kent was playing at midnight EDT. After a day of intense drama nobody outside Ohio and Indiana was much interested. The West Coast probably didn’t pay any attention since the Round of 32 matchup for the winner was with Coral Gables.

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Late in the year, Kent played with this desperate energy that showed how badly they wanted to win the MAC tournament. That wasn’t there last night in my rewatching of the game. Indiana took it to them, Jackson-Davis was outstanding, and Indiana’s supporting cast stepped up. Kent didn’t bring it the way they did at the end of the year.

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As Dirty Harry said, a man’s gotta know his limitations. Players like Andre Iguodala know their role and can adapt, others trying to be Jordan in every circumstance usually shoot themselves in the foot at some point.


I thought Kent State played the way I expected except for the close in misses…many of which I think were due to concern that Jackson-Davis might reject the shot. Jackson-Davis was terrific on Friday and the rest of the Indiana team srepped up. Give credit where credit is due.

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Kent got the ball on the rim a lot the first half from inside the arc but the lid seemed to be on the basket.