Significant Development in Hockey Recruiting - BCHL

Saw that. A lot of teams are drawing from that league, especially the western teams in our league.

Max Dukovac played there before coming to Miami.

No idea what that means for recruiting, but what little I’ve heard people were hinting that the CHL was cracking down on fighting and physical play and the BCHL didn’t want anything to do with that.

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Lots of kids from the New England preps have been heading out to the BCHL during the past 10 years or so for a season or two after they graduate and before matriculating to college hockey. It’s been the major Canadian feeder to both US D1 and D3 programs recently. I’ve seen quite a few games over the years throughout that league - mostly in Chilliwack, Victoria, South Surrey, Penticton, Langley and Salmon Arm. Solid play in a lot of first class facilities.

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[quote=“NESCACDAD, post:3, topic:2469, full:true”]
mostly in Chilliwack[/quote]

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Maybe he was referring to this:

Lurker’s conclusion: this won’t have much of an effect us or the other D1 teams, it’s impact will be felt on the USHL/NAHL and the Canadian major junior leagues (and to a smaller extent, European players). The tl;dr version is the next Adam Fantilli will now have the option to stay in Canada and play in the BCHL rather than being forced to play in the USHL. Either way, he’s still going to end up at Michigan.

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