SI Article on Future of college sports

Take a read of this is

A lot of what we’ve been talking about MHT/L+H is front and center in the article.

Read and comment here about where NCAA might be headed and Miami’s role/options in what’s in the wind.

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Thanks for sharing. I think a D-1 split in football is inevitable, and probably not a completely bad thing. But to eliminate March Madness as it is now–no more AQs from every conference, and letting an 8th-place SEC team instead of a champion from a “low” conference–would be tragic. Outside of football, G5 teams can compete well with P5 (Olympic sports in particular).

Oh, well. Money talks…and in this case, shouts.


Non Big 5 “Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie. Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today.”

Big 5: “I’m alright Jack, keep your hands off my stack”


Thanks for posting…very interesting read. As for commenting, I really don’t know where to begin…so hard to see where it will all end.

More people will be unhappy than will be happy…Money, being the root of evil, will undermine the best-laid plans of the greedy…but it’ll be fun to watch how the bargaining plays out…just glad to be on the sidelines and not in that arena.

This may also be the reason Jim Phillips and the ACC torpedoed the CFP exp. He’s on the committee and knows what big changes are ahead. Probably believes bargaining power for TV contracts increases if / when this new structure emerges so no reason to lock in yet. Jim’s a very bright / introspective guy and a breath of fresh air from the ole boys club of commissioners.
Wondering if this has anything to do with why MU has been dragging its feet on a Millett reno…?

It’s not this. It’s finalizing landing a lead donation.


Has anyone seen renderings or scope? They prob want to keep it close to the vest, but surely they have some to sell it to prospective donors if they are in fact approaching ppl.

I wasn’t aware that there were renderings for Millett interior renovations…I do seem to recall past discussion (quite somewhat time ago) about engineering challenges to moving/dropping the court, covering up some of the large exits which prohibit close to the court seating etc. My recollection is that some preliminary engineering evaluation was done but not too sure about any design renderings.

Unfortunately, over the years and with the exit of the old Hawktalk forum, we seem to have lost a few posters, including some of our guys (KC Redskin) who were involved in the engineering of the Yager renovations and also knew quite a bit about the challenges of updating Millett.

Only renderings I know of are for locker room addition…otherwise, I’m sure some have been done for the interior, but not public to my knowledge.

Coaches office, though.

Last time I was at a Miami game, in February 2020, the basketball offices already looked something like this

The office link is completed work…

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The SI article briefly touched upon the subject of where big time athletics fits in the world of academia. I think that’s an area that will get far more attention as costs keep soaring, student fees persist and G5 and FCS programs are cut off from football playoff funding and numerous AQ conferences are barred from sharing March Madness revenues. Certain influential writers - Malcom Gladwell comes to mind - have long-questioned the sponsorship of big-time athletics - football in particular - by colleges and universities…

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Never say never but I’ll be surprised if G5 schs are cut off from playoff funding altogether. P5 needs G5 and FCS to a lesser extent. I firmly believe there will be a realignment in the coming 2-3 yrs, but also believe there will be a place for G5 schs. Will there be funding, facility requirements, etc?