Shout out to three new coaches doing it right

Coach Steele, Coach Box, and Coach Smiley. All of them have my full respect for how they are rebuilding. No drama. No excuses. With action that matches their words. This is going to be an exciting year. My predictions: men’s hoops will be stunningly better. Like probably right in it for a MAC championship. Men’s hoops is very deep in the MAC so I’m trying to be measured. Women’s hoops won’t be world beaters, but will be a tough out and win more games than the high water mark of the last regime in their first year. Finally, baseball: we were not great last year and still hung with some better teams. The recruiting right now is so fantastic that I’m gonna call my shot (pun intended): if this team gels and stays healthy, they will win the MAC in year one. Yep. Go right from the middle to top fiddle. It’s gonna be a fun next few years!