Rud accepts USHL coaching job

Let the search begin…

Souix Falls coach took an assistant job at Michigan. Fallout from them waiting until August to can Mel Pearson.

Pearson was accused of telling players to falsify contact-tracing information on COVID-19 forms, misleading recruits about how much scholarship money they would receive, berating and belittling players and staff, and not properly addressing accusations of improper treatment of female employees by director of hockey operations Rick Bancroft, per a report from The Athletic.

Pearson also allegedly forced former Michigan goaltender and captain Strauss Mann off the team after he brought up concerns about the culture of the program.

Is the Miami staff on their last contract Year?

Berge’s contract runs through 5/31/25. Base is $305k + a $5k increase each year plus incentives, of which I think he’s only ever achieved two (1.5% kicker for an annual class retention of 80% + 1.5% for a grad rate of 80% but these are set up as gimmes). He hasn’t been within sniffing distance of any others which is where the big bucks start. He did get stuck paying the taxes on the BUGS buyout.

Here’s a link to download the contract:

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About $43,714 per win?

Is the webpage that has access to all the contracts still around?


Employment contracts: Frequent Public Records Requests | Office of General Counsel - Miami University

Game/Vendor contracts and financial reports:

Call up Dan Boyle and see if he’d do a kindness for one season and fill the role. Or some other retired quality alum. Gives us time to then find the right long term coach.

How badly does everyone want to win? Mel Pearson is available. I can deal with the baggage he brings vs. the current path we’re on (which is a long, slow drive to nowhere). Anybody else besides me want to win now?

Back to lurking.

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That’s like bringing in Urban Meyer and looking the other way on all his indiscretions.

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Lurker (I believe I may call you Lurker) If I was his campaign manager to get him hired here, our slogan would be “what the hell let’s call Mel.”

Also, while Lurker is lurking, Miley Cyrus is twerking. That’s the true symmetry of the universe.

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Nah, I could overlook recruiting violations or something similar, but that’s about it. Not interested in Pearson

I wouldn’t touch Mel Pearson with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole.

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Are there any known assistant hockey coach candidates yet?

Zack Cisek.