RJ Greer (Springboro, Ohio)

Well…At least a mention. That’s a start!

We are recruiting his buddy, teamate, right?

Talk to his Mom, yet, Eddie?

That’s a good question.

Re his Mom…I’ll have to look for her at a Springboro game. Or a UD game.

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RJ left Springboro and will play next season at Alter

Hated to see him go. The injury this year didn’t help.

Current Offers: Nebraska, Penn State, UCF, Xavier, Robert Morris, Cincinnati, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, New Mexico State, Stetson, North Carolina State, and Western Carolina.

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Eddie, you know what to do.

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On it.

(Joyce Seals pictured below)



Just effortless. Smooth. Yet nuanced.

Long live Fookie!

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NBl. Interesting.