Ref tells UNLV marching band to shut it

We, apparently there are rules per conference. Per the article:

The Mountain West Conference has specific rules regarding when bands can play during the game.

“Bands are prohibited from playing during game action or at any time that is disruptive to the competitors. Pregame, postgame, timeouts, halftime, between quarters, or other breaks in the action are permissible times for band activities,” the rules state. “In the sport of football, bands must discontinue playing when the team with the ball breaks the huddle until the completion of the play. If a team plays a no‐huddle offense, the band shall not play at any time during the offensive possession.”

I wonder if the MAC has similar rules?

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Probably. What you described was pretty much accepted protocol back in the day. They might have formalized the rules by now. I know for certain that HBCU conferences don’t enforce those types of rules. The bands play constantly at HBCU games. It takes some getting used to.

I’m ducking when I type this, but does this apply to canned music also?

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