RedHawks @ Broncos final regular season series

Let’s go beat :arrow_left: Michigan!

We have a 1 game win streak against them and honestly they’ve been a good matchup the past couple games (comparatively speaking) with the win and last years senior night almost win. They’re also the last conference team we’ve swept in an away series I think.

On the other hand, as VFTG pointed out in the preview we are in danger of ending with the worst record in NCHC history. If we get 0 points tonight we’ve clinched that title (we could still tie for the lowest amount of conference points ever). We need at least 4 points this weekend to keep CC at the very bottom.

Let’s go hawks! We need some momentum going into grand forks next week.

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Hopefully close to the end of the Berg era

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1-0 Miami

…For now

Lawson looks kinda empty, is it spring break?

We got it up to 2-0 but they came back.

Tied 2-2 going into the 3rd.

One period y’all :sob:please

They said bouncyball was also being committed on campus.

Big game too, dropped 90 on Akron and are going to the Mac tournament

3-2 WMU Final.

We were very close to tying it up at the end.

Officially the worst team in nchc history (on paper) :sob:

All four NCHC games decided by one goal. Denver at 42 points, CC and SUCS at 41 with CC and Denver playing each other at Denver on Saturday.

Should be another highly-entertaining night.

Is the program cursed?

WMU rallies from 2 down, tops Miami – View From the Glass

Spoiler alert: We conclude Miami is not…but it certainly hasn’t had much luck lately in addition to its other woes.

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Surprised at giving up a 2 goal lead? Miami is good at that

Chicago guy here. Chicagoland, not the Chicago metroplex (that’s Dallas/FW). Though SBXX was played in '86, they’re known forever as “The '85 Bears.” And you forgot the White Sox who have made the postseason 6 times since 1981 winning the WS once all because of that %&$#ing Jerry Reinsdorf who has to be the %&$#ing worst owner in the major leagues and are, once again, staring down the barrel of yet another dismal season (though they likely won’t win even 80 games this year, I’m not bitter or angry - honest). But your overall point still stands :wink:

Back to lurking.

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One of my all time favorite MU hockey players was from Chicago. Name was Tom White. Solid, player on a loaded team. I liked Tom because he was very funny. Dude could make anyone laugh. I bet he’s done well in life.

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You’re right!

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Awesome and good for Tom! Not surprising at all.

Bruno Bruveris Birthday Bash!!! :tada::confetti_ball::birthday:

Beat the Broncos!!!

TV feed isn’t working.


I tweeted at NCHC they said they are working on fixing it


Probably cuz they have 15 seniors to get through on senior night and they aren’t done yet :joy:

I’m listening to the broncos radio broadcast and it’s just been ads

Update: they ARE still doing senior night and it’s on nchctv now

That’s hilarious. Good call.

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They should get a delay of game penalty😂 let’s start on the PP

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