RedHawk takeover in Columbus

About half the hockey team is on the roster to be in Columbus playing for the Cap City Summer Elite League games tomorrow alongside former hawks Kuraly, Roslovic, and Meyer plus future hawk Ryan Williams! I personally am excited to see what some of our new guys can do and I’ve been to a few games/streamed them online and they’ve usually been pretty entertaining :slight_smile:

CCSEL Rosters


They livestream from this YouTube channel if anyone wants to watch:

They also post highlights and full games after they’re finished

Great to see the Miami Boyz working on their game and the Miami alums!
We’ve had a strong presence in the Columbus,Oh amateur hockey
and pro programs that needed to be re built. Looks like it’s happening!


I felt like Logan Neaton played alright, besides a couple minute stretch at the beginning of the second half. He and Barbolini won the championship game (in OT!!!) so that’s something :joy:

Teddy Lagerback, Robby Drazner, and Max Dukovac stood out to me too and I think Turansky could take a big step going into next season

At least 10 different current hawks got points today :slight_smile: hopefully this helps them going into the season


Excellent update.Thanks!

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