Red Zone Offense

We got into the red zone 6 times today and only scored 2 TDs. We lost by 1 in OT.

Against EMU we got into the red zone 3 times and scored no TDs. We lost by 1.

Against Ohio we had a blocked FG in the red zone and a failed 4th and inches conversion in the red zone. We lost by 2.


It’s strange bc I believe under CM we’ve actually been a really good redzone team, prior to this season.

MAC figuring Chuck out, CM slow to adapt.

Such a lame 6-6 season again…500 is all Chuck really does.

Baseball has the .200 Mendoza line that certain hitters always seem to fluctuate around. Miami football seems to have its own version of that - the Martin Line - continuously fluctuating around .500.


Chuck is probably good in the red zone. It’s just the one yard line that has him baffled.