Terence Moore’s latest book is here!!!

RED BRICK MAGIC: Sean McVay, John Harbaugh, and Miami University’s Cradle of Coaches.

"I’ve been working as a professional journalist since I graduated from Miami (Ohio) in May 1978. Before, during and after my time at the university, I dealt up close and personal with a slew of the legendary sports personalities associated with the university.

I’ve got stories!!! Great ones. In addition, ABC/ESPN football analyst Kirk Herbstreit wrote an awesome foreword involving his personal ties to Miami (Ohio) and to Oxford, Ohio."

Terence, was, of course, the Sports Editor of “The Miami Student” in 1977-78.


I met Terrance at Alumni Weekend last year and attended his lecture on Hank Aaron.

Terence was recently on the Paul Finebaum show discussing his book.

My copy just arrived in the mail the other day. Looking forward to reading it.


Ordered mine today! I wish Terrance had said something about his book building on the earlier work of Bob Kurz, the originator of the term Cradle of Coaches.

Ordered mine on Amazon today. Looking forward to reading it. Interesting that in the interview, he continually refers to Miami of Ohio. Guess it was necessary with an SEC audience. As usual that will please a lot of people on here and disappoint a lot of others.

I’m quite pleased.

Bought it at the Delaware State game and got it autographed. I’m looking forward to starting it.