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Does anyone know why we named the arena Steve “coach” cady arena. Seems like Steve Cady Arena or Coach Cady Arena would have been simpler. You dont see a lot of arenas with a “x”

I don’t know the answer, but if you donate the money for naming rights, don’t you kinda get to choose?

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A bit odd, but a lot of arenas/stadiums have weird names even if they don’t involve corporate naming rights. Bill Snyder Family Stadium, The Corn Crib, KFC Yum! Center, etc. Which is why once I’ve made my billions, I’ll donate enough for Miami to rename Goggin into the Dr. Emmett L. Brown “Doc” Freeze Place of Oxford.

Was it a donated name?


Yes. Tom Brown was a goalie on one of the first Miami varsity teams. Lead donor and wanted to name the place after his coach - Steve Cady. Tom founded an investment fund that has done well, Second Curve Capital.



More Tom Brown negligible trivia:

  1. Pictured above. 6th from the left - top row.

  2. In my graduating class.

  3. From the same hometown as Dr. Dunk - Tony Lehman.

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Yeah, great point, I’ve always thought the phrasing was awkward, but if you give the amount he did, you can name it the Screw-Bonk-In-The-Nether-Regions-Arena and I’d still go.


It’s not a common name, but if the typography was nicely set, it might work.

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I’m gonna win the billion dollar lottery and have the lead gift for the Coles Field House to replace Millett.


Will you fly in on your Lear jet for every home game?

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With the Harper Brew House inside!