Quick roster question

I had just finished reading my latest Clive Cussler thriller when a little voice in my head said “hmmm…I wonder what MU’s football roster looks like.” So I went on the site, perused a bit, and found we have 18 wide receivers! That seems beyond high. Is that maybe a mistake ie, some of these guys play multiple positions? Seems to me if you have fast guys who aren’t seeing much action you could make them DB’s so we’d have a few spares there? Or maybe that’s just nonsense. Unlike Raise The Titanic which was AMAZING!!!

That comes out to two receivers per quarterback.

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Just seems unusual. Like in Raise The Titanic when the ship steamed into New York harbor in one piece!
Ps, it was technically towed by an aircraft carrier, but you get my point.

The article I posted yesterday on another thread mentioned that Miami has being relying considerably on transfer WR but noted the RedHawks went all out in recruiting freshmen WR this year. It also noted we had a change in our OC.

7 of the 18 are true Freshmen.

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I have noticed in some of the videos that Quaran Williams (Que) is getting quite a bit of action at WR. He is a true freshman from my daughter’s high school class, Parkway North. He played QB at Parkway North. It will be interesting to see if he can break into the rotation. Dynamic athlete.


I think you have to stack certain positions in this day and age. However, having too many may cause kids to leave without ever getting a chance to show what they can do. Being a college football HC these days would be very difficult. Why do we need 8-9 Qbs? Most teams have 4-5.

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Good point. Miami has eight in the QB room. The Bobcats just have five - oddly, three are listed as Grad students - one with three years of eligibility left. One is a redshirt freshman. One is a true freshman. Two are Canadians.

Thanks to Nathan Rourke, all twenty Canadian kids out there aspiring to make the CFL grow up wanting to be a Bobcat. No judging someone who seeks a life of mediocrity.

When I quickly glanced I thought you said two are custodians.

Custodians of the Bobcat Maple leaf tradition, perhaps.