Purdue sucks

FDU was 301 in the Net. They were 4th place in a conference that never won a round of 64 game. Purdue’s guards were garbage

Whole team. They’ve been headed that way for awhile. Can’t shoot. When you depend on an in/out game and your out can’t do anything you’re dead.

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19 % from 3-point land. And they only out rebounded them by 8.

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I forgot that FDU didnt win the NEC tournament either but Merrimack did. But because they are in transition FDU got to go


Purdue has played like crap all season when the lights are brightest

Trans rights?

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Jack Owens learned from the best.

Painter is a total fraud and clown. We got suckered too


I don’t think Painter is a fraud. He’s won more than 400 games. What I think is everything is geared towards the Big Ten. That’s a way different world than the rest of the basketball being played outside of it. That’s my beef with Chuck saying we’re focused on the MAC. Why not set your goal to be the best G5. So for Purdue, I’d make the goal of Sweet Sixteen or better every year. He also needs to recruit better. He does well with what he gets, but he needs to set his sights hgher on recruits too. If they would’ve had one consistent 3 point shooter the game outcome would’ve been different, but 2 freshman guards and other people who got alligator arms and you lose. The big man can’t do it it all. And if he comes back next year, he absolutely needs to start shooting at least foul line type distance shots.

I will agree he’s not good at making adjustments to his style.


FDU has the shortest average height of any team in D1. Purdue has the tallest average height of any team in D1. FDU’s tallest starter was 6’6. Purdue has a 7’4 national player of the year candidate.

In addition to FDU not winning their conference regular season or tournament, their conference was the lowest ranked in D1. Every single team was outside the top 300 in NET. There’s a legitimate case that the 2023 NEC is the worst conference in D1 history. As has been mentioned, the NEC had never made it to the round of 32 in the entire decades long history of the conference.

Earlier this season, FDU lost to Hartford, which is in the process of transitioning down to D3 and is ranked 363 (dead last) in the NET rankings.

FDU was 68 in the committee’s ranking list, dead last. They were seeded lower than Texas Southern, who was 6 games below .500 and finished 8th place in the SWAC. FDU was betting underdogs against Texas Southern in their play in game.

FDU won 4 games last season. They brought in a new coach this season from a D2 program I’d never heard of and he loaded up the roster with D2 transfers.

The guy who hit the dagger three pointer to win it was a 29% three point shooter. He finished the game with 19 points, their leading scorer. He was averaging 7 points per game this season and averaged 6 points per game in D2 last season.

Every new fact about this upset is more insane than the last.


413-198 in the Big Ten over his career. Won the Big 10 outright and the Big Ten tourney this year. Give me that fraud all day.



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NESCAC Connection: FDU coach played at Wesleyan and was the head coach at Hamilton from 2004-2011.

Interesting that three of the keys players for FDU were playing D2 last year who the new coach brought with him.

I am hearing there is a lot of Purdue merchandise likely available at Goodwill stores next week.

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Sometimes when I hear the excuse brigade in any MU sport not doing well (too young, marginal recruits compared to other teams, not tall enough, not fast enough, not strong enough) I look at moments like this and think “it’s all nonsense.” If you think you can win, you have a chance. I hope the sports at MU who have lost track of this basic little truth get it back.


FDU upset was a freak accident. Talent still prevails overall. You don’t win consistently without it.

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There’s more of it spread out in men’s basketball than any other sport. Less players on each team. More overall parity.

One or two outstanding players on a basketball team can make an enormous difference.

See Indiana State 1978-1979.


Good lord. Stop trying to be funny and focus on hockey.

Sorry. I’ll never leave the hockey board or make a joke again. I apologize if I hurt your feelings.