Puerto Rico Trip

Story up on the PR trip.

You know what is very encouraging?

10 guys are mentioned in the story as being major contributors in the 3 games.

Not one is named Safford or Miarmbeaux who were our two best last year.


Remembering that Jaquel AVERAGED 15 rebounds a game his senior season in high school.


Didn’t I read somewhere that Safford and Mirambeau had academic issues and did not go on the trip?

Mirambeaux would have been useful as a translator.

Looking at the photo above Anderson M appears to be in the picture right behind Mabrey. I think Safford is in there as well right behind the white circle.

Both went on the trip, but neither played.

So maybe the first part of what said was correct and that was the reason they did not play. I do know they were missing some practices for academic reasons. I doubt it is anything to be concerned about.

My takeaway from this is just about everyone can score and rebound. Should make for a great season of we want to play fast!

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Does not look like Mirambeaux played…at least in clips he’s not in practice/scrimmage jersey. Maybe same for Safford…but were on trip.

Encouraging that Potter filled up the stat line!

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Game 1 Highlights


Game 2 Highlights


Looks promising…have some shooters, and appears more creators of own shot.

Thanks for posting those.

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